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TIMETABLE - Canoe Sprint at the 2nd European Games

The Canoe Sprint competitions at the 2nd European Games are finally here. Check the timetable of the races that are planned for the following three days. Please note that all times are local Minsk time (CEST+1).

Tuesday, 25th June 2019


09:00 Men's K1 1000m Heats 1-3

09:21 Men's C1 1000m Heats 1-2

09:43 Women's K2 500m Heats 1-2

10:03 Men's K2 1000m Heats 1-2

10:17 Men's C2 1000m Heats 1-2

14:00 Women's K1 500m Heats 1-3

14:15 Men's K4 500m Heats 1-2

14:25 Women's C2 500m Heats 1-2

14:50 Women's K4 500m Heats 1-2

15:30 Men's K1 1000m Semi-Finals 1-2

15:44 Men's C1 1000m Semi-Final 1

15:59 Women's K2 500m Semi-Final 1

16:30 Men's K2 1000m Semi-Final 1

16:37 Men's C2 1000m Semi-Final 1

16:52 Women's K1 500m Semi-Finals 1-2

17:15 Women's C2 500m Semi-Final 1

17:25 Men's K4 500m Semi-Final 1

17:30 Women's K4 500m Semi-Final 1



Wednesday, 26th June 2019


10:00 Men's K1 1000m Final B

10:10 Men's K1 1000m Final A

10:20 Men's C1 1000m Final A

10:35 Women's K2 500m Final A

10:45 Men's K1 1000m Medal Ceremony

10:55 Men's C1 1000m Medal Ceremony

11:05 Women's K2 500m Medal Ceremony

11:15 Men's K2 1000m Final A

11:22 Men's C2 1000m Final A

11:32 Men's K2 1000m Medal Ceremony

11:42 Men's C2 1000m Medal Ceremony

14:00 Women's K1 200m Heats 1-3

14:15 Men's K1 200m Heats 1-3

14:30 Men's C1 200m Heats 1-2

14:40 Women's C1 200m Heats 1-2

14:55 Women's K2 200m Heats 1-2

16:00 Women's K1 200m Semi-Finals 1-2

16:10 Men's K1 200m Semi-Finals 1-2

16:20 Men's C1 200m Semi-Final 1

16:25 Women's C1 200m Semi-Finals 1

16:35 Women's K2 200m Semi-Final 1



Thursday, 27th June 2019


10:00 Women's K1 500m Final B

10:10 Women's K1 500m Final A

10:20 Men's K4 500m Final A

10:30 Women's K1 500m Medal Ceremony

10:40 Men's K4 500m Medal Ceremony

10:50 Women's C2 500m Final A

11:05 Women's K4 500m Final A

11:10 Women's C2 500m Medal Ceremony

11:20 Women's K4 500m Medal Ceremony

14:00 Women's K1 200m Final B

14:05 Men's K1 200m Final B

14:20 Women's K1 200m Final A

14:25 Men's K1 200m Final A

14:30 Men's C1 200m Final A

14:35 Women's C1 200m Final A

14:45 Women's K2 200m Final A

15:00 Women's K1 200m Medal Ceremony

15:10 Men's K1 200m Medal Ceremony

15:20 Men's C1 200m Medal Ceremony

15:30 Women's C1 200m Medal Ceremony

15:40 Women's K2 200m Medal Ceremony

16:00 Women's K1 5000m Final

16:30 Men's K1 5000m Final

17:15 Women's K1 5000m Medal Ceremony

17:25 Men's K1 5000m Medal Ceremony

RESULTS will be available here: https://minsk2019.by/en/tsrd/CSP/results

There is no general livestreaming services as the rights are with the EOC. However, several countries hold the TV rights for the 2nd European Games in Minsk. Check the complete list (here) if your country is on the list and see where you can follow the 2nd European Games.