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Thirteen medals for European Canoe Freestylers at World Championships in Argentina

Thirteen medals for European Canoe Freestylers at World Championships in Argentina 3.12.2017

European Canoe Freestylers were extremely successful at this year’s World Championships in Argentina. Quim Fontané (ESP) won the title in men’s kayak event, Claire O’Hara (GBR) in women’s, Tom Dolle (FRA) in men’s junior and Otillie Robinson-Shaw (GBR) in women’s junior final. O’Hara also won the World Champion title earlier this week in squirt, while Alex Edwards and David Rogers picked up silver and bronze medal in men’s squirt (all Great Britain).

Sebastien Devred (FRA) picked up bronze medal in men’s kayak event, Marlene Devillez (FRA) silver in women’s event, in men’s C1 final Sebastien Devred won another medal of the championships, this time silver, while Lukaš Červinka (CZE) finished third in this event. In men’s junior kayak final British representatives Alex Walters and Harry Price joined Dolle on the winner’s podium winning silver and bronze medal respectively.
This was second title for O’Hara after winning the squirt World Champion title earlier in the week, “It means the world to be honest. This is my goal for this year. I’ve had a lot of family stuff going on that not a lot of people know about, and I’ve not been training as committed as I normally would do. To do it this late in my career, I’ve been competing in World Championships since 2007.”
“It’s a dream come true. I’ve been having these dreams since I was ten or eleven. My first two rides were not very good. To be fair, the lights were confusing me a little bit, so I was a bit unsure. But then on the last ride, I knew I only had one chance. I only needed one ride to be world champion, I thought it was my opportunity, I couldn’t let it escape from me,” said Fontané.
“I’m so excited, I can’t really believe it. I felt good after the first ride, but I knew the other guys could still do better so. But I was less nervous for my second and third ride after that,” said 17-year-old Dolle.
A year younger Robinson-Shaw who won World Champion title in women’s junior final was also very satisfied, “It’s amazing, I feel like everyone is lying to me. They weren’t my strongest rides, but I’m happy, especially as it’s my first worlds.”





1. Joaquim Fontané ESP 1718.33

2. Dane Jackson USA 1683.33

3. Sebastien Devred FRA 1485.00



1. Claire O’Hara GBR 925.00

2. Marlene Devillez FRA 886.67

3. Hitomi Takaku JPN 570.00



1. Dane Jackson USA 1210.00

2. Sebastien Devred FRA 1100.00

3. Lukaš Červinka CZE 980.00


K1W junior

1. Ottilie Robinson – Shaw GBR 553.33

2. Sage Donnelly USA 483.33

3. Olivia McGinnis USA 283.33


K1M junior

1. Tom Dolle FRA 1718.33

2. Alex Walters GBR 1496.67

3. Harry Price GBR 1216.67


K1W squirt

1. Claire O’Hara GBR

2. Hitomi Takaku JPN

3. Anna Bruno USA


K1M squirt

1. Clay Wright USA

2. Alex Edwards GBR

3. David Rogers GBR


Photo: Peter Holcombe / International Canoe Federation