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The first historic ECA SUP medals awarded in long distance race

The first historic ECA SUP medals awarded in long distance race 13.6.2024

On the second competition day of the 2024 ECA Canoe Sprint, Paracanoe and SUP European Championships in Szeged, Hungary, the first sets of medals were awarded to the best in SUP long distance races.

Six sets of medals were given to the best in SUP long distance events of the 2024 ECA Canoe Sprint, Paracanoe and SUP European Championships. On a nine kilometres long course athletes competed in six groups - open, junior and masters men's and women's events.
The fastest time of the day was set by Spanish competitor Manuel Hoyuela in men's open event, who stopped the clock at 47:44.84. He was 10.52 seconds faster than German competitor Ole Schwarz, who is also German Wildwater Canoeing competitor. Christian Andersen from Denmark was third (+18.54).
The newly crowned European Champion Hoyuela said, "I don't have words to describe how I am feeling now. Nine kilometres is very hard. I am very happy, I feel amazing. I want to say thanks to all the people, my family in Spain that is watching me and thanks a lot for everything. It was a really messy with all the people, but it is funny because you are paddling and you meet everyone, you meet the friends, and I met my teammates, they were cheering for me, I cheered for them."
Natalia Novitskaia was crowned European Champion in long distance race in women's open event. She completed the course in 54:24.30. Hungarian Reka Slekta was second (+3.49) and Greek representative Kyriaki Logotheti (+5.80) third. "I am very happy because I really love what I am doing. I really love sport, I really love all the people and I am very happy what I can do. I am very tired, but I want to be better tomorrow and the day after, because my favourite is sprint," said Novitskaia.
The first Junior Long distance European Champion in history is Hungarian Zeno Szabo (50:50.05). He was 24 seconds faster than Marlon Daskiran from Germany and Nikolaos Malekakis (+44.77) was third. What was the decisive thing for Szabo? "With lots of training and strong mindset we have to develop it to race. I am so happy to be in the first place. Huge thanks to my family and trainers and everybody who helped me to reach this. I can't even describe my happiness. This was my goal and I reached it."
In women's junior long distance race, the win also stayed in Hungary, more precisely in Szeged, thanks to Csillag Kocsis who produced the time of 54:07.94. German Skadi Langbein was second (+1:32.20) and Sveva Sabato from Italy finished third (+1:36.36). "I am very happy. The start was pretty hard, but I managed to get away at the first buoy. That was the plan, and I was able to do it as we discussed it with my dad. It is very special moment for me to win the title here in Szeged, because this is my hometown. I hope it is not the last one," said the new European Champion.
Vira Lemekha from Italy won the gold medal in women's masters event with the time 57:25.43. Penny Tsaoutou from Greece finished second (+38.80) and Czech paddler Katerina Trdlova was third (+1:03.31). Lemekha said, "I felt good, it was very difficult. I am very happy. I would like to thank my coach and my team from Italy."
One of the gold medals of the day went to Greece thanks to Georgios Fragkos who won in men's masters race with a time 50:01.93. It was a tough fight with German Martin Teichmann who was second and only 1.89 seconds behind, while Hungarian Gabor Szabo took bronze medal (+1:58.27). "It was a very tough battle with the second guy who was very strong. We battled from the beginning. He was first so I had to stay close and concentrate and at the end I won," said Fragkos.
On Friday afternoon, the SUP sprint finals are on the programme, while Saturday brings the technical race finals as well as inflatable race.



Open Men

1. Manuel Hoyuela ESP 47:44.84

2. Ole Schwarz GER +10.52

3. Christian Andersen DEN +18.54


Open Women

1. Natalia Novitskaia AIN 54:24.30

2. Reka Slekta HUN +3.49

3. Kyriaki Logotheti GRE +5.80


Junior Men

1. Zeno Szabo HUN 50:50.05

2. Marlon Daskiran GER +24.06

3. Nikolaos Malekakis GRE +44.77


Junior Women

1. Csillag Kocsis HUN 54:07.94

2. Skadi Langbein GER +1:32.20

3. Sveva Sabato ITA +1:36.36


Masters Men

1. Geogrios Fragkos GRE 50:01.93

2. Martin Teichmann GER +1.89

3. Gabor Szabo HUN +1:58.27


Masters Women

1. Vira Lemekha ITA 57:25.43

2. Penny Tsaoutou GRE +38.80

3. Katerina Trdlova CZE +1:03.31


The A finals of the 2024 ECA Canoe Sprint, Paracanoe and SUP European Championships on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be streamed online exclusively at Eurovision Sport platform www.eurovisionsport.com, while the Wednesday’s and Thursday’s programme and non-televised events will be live on www.youtube.com/CanoeEurope. The following TV stations will broadcast the Championships between Friday and Sunday: MTVA Hungary, Ceska TV Czechia, JOJ Sport Slovakia, RTP Portugal, RTVE Spain, RAI Sport Italy, RTV Slovenia.


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