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The 2019 ECA Junior Canoe Slalom Cup series concluded in Bratislava

The 2019 ECA Junior Canoe Slalom Cup series concluded in Bratislava 11.8.2019

After twelve races at six different venues the 2019 edition of the ECA Junior Canoe Slalom Cup has come to an end. The last two races were held in Bratislava, Slovakia, on a well known course which hosted European and World Championships as well as World Cup races.

In Sunday’s finals in men’s canoe U16 category Austrian representative Timo Haslmaier won in front of Italian Martino Barzon and Czech canoeist Michal Urban. In the U18 category it was Juraj Mraz from Slovakia who set the best time, finishing the race ahead of two French paddlers Loic Trenchant and Thomas L’Huillier.
In women’s kayak U16 race Ivana Chlebova from Slovakia won in front of Czech kayaker Ivana Kloboučkova and Slovenian Sara Belingar. In U18 event Lucie Nesnidalova from Czech Republic took the win ahead of Zala Zanoškar from Slovenia and Kristina Durecova from Slovakia.
Jan Ločnikar from Slovenia was the fastest in men’s U16 kayak final. Filip Stanko from Slovakia was second and Martin Rudolfer from Czech Republic third. It was a double win for France in men’s U18 kayak final with Noe Perreau in first position and Florian Busson in second, while Tillmann Roeller from Germany finished third.
Ivana Klobučkova added first place in women’s canoe to her second position from kayak final. Rachel Ellis from Great Britain was second in women’s U16 C1 event, while Ivana Chlebova from Slovakia occupied third position. Mahuliena Durecova from Slovakia was unbeatable in women’s U18 canoe final, Katja Bengeri from Croatia finished second and Daisy Cooil from Great Britain third.



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Photo: ECA Junior Slalom Cup Facebook Page