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Stars show their power on the opening day of the Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe European Championships

Stars show their power on the opening day of the Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe European Championships 3.6.2021

The first day of the 2021 ECA Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe European Championships in Poznan, Poland, brought heats in canoe sprint and paracanoe events. The favourites did their job well and advanced easily to the next phases of the competition.

Czech canoeist Martin Fuksa managed to produce the fastest runs of the day in men's canoe 1000 and 500 metres event. Paddler who holds the European and World's best time record in the 1000 metres event, was closely followed by Italian Carlo Tacchini who was the second fastest in the 1000 metres event and third fastest in the 500 metres long course. Russian Kirill Shamshurin set the third fastest time in MC1 1000m and Belarussian Maksim Piatrou was just behind Fuksa in the 500 metres heats.
Like Fuksa in C1, Hungarian Balint Kopasz dominated in today's kayak heats, setting the fastest times in 1000 and 500 metres distance. Artuur Peters from Belgium and Bojan Zdelar from Serbia had second and third fastest time of the day in MK1 1000m, while Joao Ribeiro (POR) and Jakub Zavrel (CZE) managed to get closest to Kopasz in the 500 metres heats.
Emma Jorgensen from Denmark was the fastest paddler of the day in women's K1 500 metres event, followed by Volha Khudzenka (BLR) and Danuta Kozak (HUN). Slovak kayaker Mariana Petrušova set the best time in women's kayak 1000 metres heats, where Alida Gazso (HUN) and Anamaria Govorčinović (CRO) came closest to her.
Germans Sebastian Brendel - Tim Hecker were the fastest in men's C2 1000 and 500 metres heats, Danuta Kozak and Dora Bodonyi from Hungary were the fastest today in women's K2 500 metres event, Max Hoff and Jacob Schopf (GER) set the best overall time in MK2 1000 event and Uladzislau Litvinau - Dzimitry Natynchyk (BLR) finished the first competition day in Poznan with the best time in men's K2 500 metres heats.
The opening day of the Championships in Poznan also brought the first races in the paracanoe part. Leonid Krylov from Russia set the fastest heats time in men's KL3, finishing ahead of Ukrainian Serhii Yemelianov, the reigning Paralympic, World and European Champion, and compatriot Artem Voronkov. In VL3 Eddie Potdevin from France produced the best overall time of the heatsa, head of Austrian Markus Swoboda and Russian Egor Firsov, while in men's VL2 Higinio Rivero (ESP), Norberto Mourao (POR) and Igor Korobeynikov (RUS) showed the best form of the day.
On Friday, the first A finals are scheduled: WK2 1000, MK4 1000, WC1 500, MC2 500, MK1 500, WVL3 200, MVL3 200, WVL2 200, MVL2 200, WVL1 200, MVL1 200.



Results: https://timetable.europecanoeevents.com/index.php?gmt=2&gmt2=-120



LIVESTREAM: https://www.facebook.com/watch/wzkaj/


*Friday's, Saturday's, Sunday's races will be geoblocked due to the TV rights restrictions in Andorra, Belarus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Monaco, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.