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Saul Craviotto – I am convinced we will return from Tokyo with many medals

Saul Craviotto – I am convinced we will return from Tokyo with many medals 3.7.2020

Four times Olympic medallist Saul Cravitto talked about postponement of Olympic Games and difficult times the world and Spain encountered this year. 35-year-old paddler agrees that postponement of the Games was sensible, even though it was hard to accept it after three years of hard training. He pointed out he and his teammates will try even harder because their country deserves some joy.

Craviotto who has two gold Olympic medals (2008, 2016), Olympic silver (2012) and Olympic bronze (2016) in his pocket is one of the most successful Spanish sportsmen. “The decision that the Games take place in summer 2021 is the most sensible and correct given the situation we are experiencing worldwide. It is hard because we have been preparing for that event for three years, but it is what it is and the health is the most important thing. The Games in the second, third or fourth place and we have to pay attention to sanitary restrictions and stay home, which is the best way to combat the pandemic. There will be time to prepare,” said Craviotto.
The preparations have been altered, “My coach Miguel Garcia had to modify a lot because the Olympic cycle lasts one more year. We have a season ahead to work and the preparation will be in accordance to reach 100% in Tokyo. We will work even harder, because our country deserves a joy after what we are going through. I am convinced we will return from Tokyo with many medals.”
The self-isolation of Spaniards meant Saul had more time for his family, “The days went by quickly and I always have things to do at home. I organize junk, clean up and catch up on paperwork. Also, I read, watch TV shows and spend a lot of time with my daughters, which is the best. Normally I am constantly travelling, training in Seville and Madrid, and now I have time to be with my family and I stay positive, although it is true that there is some stress because we hear numbers of infections and deaths that cause concern. I hope that the situation will pass soon and we will emerge from this more united and reinforced than ever,” he concluded.


Source: https://www.sport.es/es/noticias/deportes/craviotto-estoy-seguro-que-volveremos-tokio-con-muchas-medallas-7914823