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ECA Junior Slalom Cup overall wins to Slovakia, Italy and Slovenia

ECA Junior Slalom Cup overall wins to Slovakia, Italy and Slovenia 1.11.2021

Twelve races in six venues were organised in the 2021 ECA Junior Canoe Slalom European Cup series. Young paddlers from Slovakia, Italy and Slovenia were the winners of the overall standings in four events and two age groups.

Valstagna, Solkan, Flattach, Roudnice, Krakow and Bratislava are the traditional venues of the ECA Junior Canoe Slalom European Cup series that attracts many young and promising athletes who have an opportunity to gain much needed international experiences.
After the season, the overall winners of the series are known. Slovakian paddler Ivana Chlebova won the overall cup both in women’s U18 kayak and canoe events. In kayak she gathered 360 points, 56 points more than her teammate Lucia Simonidesova. Sonja Neubauer from Germany was third with 284 points.
Chlebova was unbeatable also in U18 canoe event, where she won a total of 345 points. Second placed Lena Gotze from Germany had 291 points, and Kimberley Rappe from Germany was third with 272 points.
Naja Pinterič from Slovenia also celebrated a double overall win in kayak and canoe events in U16 age group. In C1 she had 350 points to claim the victory. Ema Dieskova from Slovakia was second with 335 points and Petronela Izova also from Slovakia was third with 269 points.
In U16 women’s kayak Pinterič gathered 309 points, Petronela Izova (SVK) had 280  points and Eliska Hojdova (CZE) was third with 277 points.
The best in men’s U16 kayak event was Xabier Ferrazzi from Italy, who had a total of 350 points,Richard Rumansky (SVK) was second with 324 points  and Atej Zobec Urbančič (SLO) third with 309 points.
Maxime Derydt from Slovakia was the best at the end of the season in men’s U18 K1 event. He concluded the series with 291 points. Žiga Zidar from Slovenia was second with 272 point and Kaelin Friedenson from the United States of America was third with 248 points.
In men’s U16 C1 event the overall win went to Slovakia thanks to Samuel Krejci who has 350 points. David Stafen from Slovakia was second with 335 points and Marino Spagnol from Italy was third with 331 points.
Italian canoeist Martino Barzon was the best in men’s U18 C1 overall standings with a total of 350 points. Jaromir Ivanecky from Slovakia was second with ten points less, and Nathaniel Francis (USA) was third with 200 points.



Full standings in the season 2021 can be found here: http://ecajuniorslalomcup.eu/rankings/