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ECA I Feel Slovenia Tacen 2024 European Open Canoe Slalom Cup with 19 countries

This weekend, Slovenian capital city Ljubljana and its Kayak Centre Tacen will host very strong international competition ECA I Feel Slovenia Tacen 2024 European Open Canoe Slalom Cup, which attracted more than 230 competitors from 19 countries. The competition weekend will bring the first selection race for the Slovenian canoe slalom national team as well as for some other nations.

This year's canoe slalom competition for the European Cup, which this year bears the official title ECA I Feel Slovenia Tacen 2024 European Open Canoe Slalom Cup, is very well attended by representatives of 19 countries, who will use the competition as a good training before the 2024 ECA I Feel Slovenia Canoe Slalom European Championships, which will be held on the Sava River between 15 and 19 May.


In addition to all the best Slovenian athletes who will fight for places in the national team, there will also be representatives of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Spain, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Serbia, Switzerland, Slovakia and Sweden on the start line. In addition to Slovenia, several other countries will have their selection races in Ljubljana.


Olympians Eva Terčelj, Eva Alina Hočevar and Peter Kauzer alongside canoeists Benjamin Savšek and Luka Božič have already been prequalified for the Slovenian national team.


Both on Saturday and Sunday, the competition will consist of one heats run and the final. The heats will start at 10:00, and the finals at 15:10. Matej Trampuž and Davide Monguzzi designed the course for Saturday’s race, while the Sunday’s course was designed by Simon Hočevar and Omar Raiba.


For those who will not be able to attend the competition in person, a livestreaming will be available on the YouTube channel of the European Canoe Association - Canoe Europe: https://www.youtube.com/CanoeEurope


LIVESTREAM: https://www.youtube.com/CanoeEurope


RESULTS: https://www.timing-mojstrana.com/20-21-4-2024-tacen-eca-i-feel-slovenia-tacen-2024-european-open-canoe-slalom-cup/