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ECA awards the 2023, 2024 and 2025 European Championships

ECA awards the 2023, 2024 and 2025 European Championships 7.3.2022

The European Canoe Association held a board of directors meeting this weekend and discussed several important matters, appointed new paracanoe technical delegate and awarded European Championships in the upcoming seasons.

One of the most important matters to discuss was the situation in Ukraine and the ECA board of directors decided to follow the decisions and actions taken by the International Olympic Committee and International Canoe Federation (more here).
Important part of the meeting were also the upcoming ECA European Championships. ECA was forced to cancel the 2022 ECA Canoe Freestyle European Championships because no one applied for the organisation of this competition. The organisation of the 2023 ECA Canoe Polo European Championships was awarded to Brandenburg, Germany, and the 2023 ECA Wildwater Canoeing European Championships will be held in Skopje, North Macedonia.
The 2024 ECA Canoe Freestyle European Championships was awarded to Spain, more precisely to Salt, Girona (subject to technical appraisal). The 2025 ECA Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe European Championships will be held in Račice, Czech Republic, while Junior and U23 Canoe Sprint paddlers will head to Pitesti, Romania, in 2025. The 2025 ECA Canoe Marathon European Championships will be organised in Crestuma, Portugal, and the 2025 ECA Dragon Boat Nations and Clubs European Championships will be held in Spresiano, Italy (subject to technical appraisal).
Following the departure of Anna Bjekefors, ECA Paracanoe Technical delegate, six candidates applied for the vacant position. The ECA Board of Directors decided to appoint Robert Weisz from Hungary as the new ECA Paracanoe Technical delegate.
There were many candidacies for the organisation of the next ECA congress. It was decided that the 2023 congress will be held on Crete, Greece.
The Board of directors also confirmed the proposed changes in the ECA Canoe Polo competition rules.
ECA delegation with Albert Woods OBE, Miroslav Haviar, Branko Lovrić, Andrej Jelenc and ECA canoe sprint technical delegate Jovana Stanojević visited Maribor prior to the ECA board meeting, and inspected the venue of the 2023 European Youth Olympic Festival which will also include canoe sprint. During their meeting they met with dr. Samo Peter Medved, deputy mayor of Maribor who is in charge of the sport. The delegation was satisfied with the location of the venue, since the canoe sprint will be the only of the sports in the 2023 EYOF programme that will be held in the heart and the most famous part of the city.
The next ECA Board of directors meeting will be held in May 2022.