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Big names to take part in the 2nd European Games in Minsk

Big names to take part in the 2nd European Games in Minsk 24.6.2019

We are only one day away of the start of the canoe sprint competitions at the 2nd European Games in Minsk, Belarus. An exciting and tough races are to be expected from Tuesday to Thursday on the Zaslavl regatta course. 333 competitors from 37 European countries will take part in the competition, including Olympic Games medallists, World and European Championships medallists and the best from the first European Games that were organised four years ago in Baku.

One of the main favourites for the medals will be members of Belarus team who will be even more motivated to prove themselves in front of their local fans. Maryna Litvinchuk, Volha Khudzenka, Nadzeya Makarchanka, Alena Nazdrova, Aleh Yurenia, Artsem Kozyr, Raman Piatrushenka are just a few of those who will fight for the top positions in their home country.
Hungary is always the strongest contender for the medals at every canoe sprint competition. These European Games are not different. Danuta Kozak, Balint Kopasz, Virag Balla, Kincso Takacs, Sandor Totka, Bence Nadas, Dora Lucz and Tamara Csipes are part of the Hungarian team looking for the gold medals on Wednesday and Thursday.
Spain has also come to Minsk with their all star team, including Saul Craviotto, Cristian Toro, Rodrigo Germade, Marcus Walz, Carlos Garrote, Francisco Cubelos, Inigo Pena, Alfonso Benavides among others.
We can also find excellent paddlers in the German team with Sebastian Brendel, Max Hoff, Tom Liebscher, Max Lemke, Ronald Rauhe, Max Rendschmidt, Tina Dietze and Franziska John to name just a few.
We cannot live out Russian team with Ivan Shtyl, Roman Anoshkin, Elena Aniushina, Kseniia Kurach and Olesia Romasenko, Natalia Podolskaya ...
Portugal's Fernando Pimenta has been one of the strongest athletes on the start of 1000 and 5000 metres events at every competition in the last couple of years, so he will be the one to watch in these two events here in Minsk.
Czech Republic counts on canoiest Martin Fuksa, France undoubtedly on Maxime Beaumont, Sarah Guyot and Manon Hostens and some other crews, Denmark on Emma Aastrand Jorgensen and Rene Holten Poulsen, Belgium on Artuur Peters, Lize Broekx and Hermien Peters, Georgia on Zaza Nadiradze, Sweden on Petter Menning, Linnea Stenisls, Joakim Lindberg, Lithuania on Arturas Seja, Henrikas Žustautas and Vadim Korobov, Ukraine on Oleh Kukharyk and Lyudmila Luzan, Norway on Amund and Eivind Vold, Slovakia on their K4 crew and Ivana Kmetova, Poland on Tomasz Kaczor, Marta Walczykiewicz, Anna Pulawska and Karolina Naja among others, Moldova on Oleg Tarnovschi, Italy on Carlo Tacchini, Ireland on Jenny Egan, Serbia on Milica Starović, Marko Dragosavljević, Milenko Zorić and Stefan Vekić ...


Find the complete list with all the athletes taking part in the canoe sprint competition here: