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2021 ECA Canoe Polo European Championships venue hit by tornado

2021 ECA Canoe Polo European Championships venue hit by tornado 5.10.2021

The 2021 ECA Canoe Polo European Championships was supposed to be opened today in Catania, Italy, with an opening ceremony, but the terrible storm with tornado that hit Catania completely destroyed the venue.

Italy, precisely Catania, took over the organisation of the 2021 ECA Canoe Polo European Championships after Spanish organisers in Burriana withdrew from the organisation following the Covid-19 restrictions and difficulties.
Everything was set for today’s opening ceremony of the Canoe Polo European Championships on Sicily and the tournament matches that were supposed to be played from Wednesday until Sunday, but the force of nature was too strong. The entire venue was demolished within minutes after the storm with tornado hit Catania and Syracuse.
The latest information is that the organising team together with participating teams will try to rebuild the venue, so the European Championships could be played from Thursday on.

Teams from 17 European countries are entered in the tournament in senior and U21 men’s and women’s events. Besides the host nation Italy, teams from Germany, Great Britain, Portugal, France, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, Belgium and Ireland have come to Sicily.
For more up to date info please follow official tournament channels.


Website: https://canoepolocatania2021.it/

Results: https://results.canoepolocatania2021.it/en

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/europeancanoepolo_catania/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/europeancanoepolocatania



Photo: Hans Janssen