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Canoeing Technical Books

Swiss Canoe-Federation

KANULAND SCHWEIZ (German language)  Aarre Kanu und Highligths, AT Verlag, http://at-verlag.ch/buch/978-3-03800-403-5/Kanuland_Schweiz_Aare_Kanu_und_Highlights.html

LA SUISSE EN CANOE (French language) Aar et Highlights, AT Verlag, www.at-verlag.ch


Deutscher Kanu-Verband Wirtschafts- und Verlags GmbH

The riverguides (DKV-Gewässerführer) are a series of 16 books

The other series is called “Top Kanu-Touren” 


Dansk Kano og Kajak Forbund

"Kom i gang med kaproning for voksne" – Danish language



"ATK" – Danish language



Paddlepower – Danish language



Kajakaška zveza Slovenije



Priročnik za trenerje kajaka na mirnih vodah / Manual for coaches in sprint canoeing (book is available in Slovenian language)

Author: Jernej Župančič Regent

Year: 2015

Book is in a A4 format, contains 280 pages, 95 photos, 52 schemes, 21 tables, 8 graphs and 19 training programme examples.

A copy of book costs 30 euros and can be orded directly at Canoe Federation of Slovenia,

email: kajak.zveza@siol.net; telephone: 00 386 1 2396610 or 00 386 1 2396611

More information on the book:



Veslajmo modro : priročnik za izvedbo programa barvnih vesel / Paddle Smart: A guide for the implementation of the Euro Paddle Pass programmes (book is available in Slovenian language)

Author: Andrej Jelenc

Year: 2007

Book contains 96 pages and photo ilustrations of the explained techniques.


Complements to the Base Technique in Kayak Sprint: Methods of Evaluation (PDF)

Complementi alla tecnica base nel kayak sprint: Metodi di valutazione (PDF)

Diagnosis from the race: the H-graph (PDF)

Diagnosi dalla gara (PDF)

Come vincere in K4 (PDF)

Andrea Pace offers the H-graph software for free to everyone and it can be downloaded here:

*Please note that the software is only available for Windows and it will not work on mobile phones or Mac.
For additional information on H-Graphs and PaceZero.exe app see the PDF document which is available HERE.