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Long distance endurance and strategy

While in Flatwater Racing events, paddlers race on a straight course, Marathon Racing involves paddling sleek racing craft over long distances, on either the flatwater of lakes, and dams, or the flowing water of a river. Traditional Marathon Racing competitions, like ICF World Cup and World Championships, involve a fixed flatwater course with regular portages, where the paddler must carry the canoe or kayak. Each race lasts approximately 3 hours.

Many popular marathons are raced down sections of river, where the paddler must negociate the currents, rapids or weirs, or else portage around these obstacles. Some of these events attract over 2000 athletes each year and are often run inseveral stages over several days.

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ECA Competitions

2019 ECA Canoe Marathon European ...
July 25. - 28. 2019, Decize, FRA
2020 ECA Canoe Marathon European ...
January 1. 2020, Budapest, HUN*
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One month after Canoe Marathon European Championships Neretva hosts different boats

One month ago Neretva River was the venue of the 2018 ECA Canoe Marathon European Championships in Metković, today the river hosted different kind of boats.

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Llamedo and Vazquez winners of the 82nd International descent of the River Sella
Llamedo and Vazquez winners of the 82nd International descent of the River Sella

Spain hosted the 82nd edition of world renowned International descent of the River Sella (Descenso del Sella), taking place in Asturias. The event started in 1930 but was then on hold for a couple of years during the Spanish Civil War. In 1951 the descent already became an international event with participants from Portugal and Italy coming to the river Sella.


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