Italian Canoe Federation presents the European project on dual career

13/03/2017 - Experts, speakers, coaches and athletes have personally been asked several times, “What to do once your racing career is over?” This is the main theme of the conference scheduled for the upcoming Wednesday, March 15th , starting at 10:00, which will be held at the Olympic Preparation Center named “Acquacetosa” in Rome promoted by the Italian Federation in association with Forcoop Cora. The meeting will provide way to know full details about the project “Erasmus + Sport aftermatch - Life Beyond Sport", which will be discussed in all its aspects, with direct interventions of "dual career”, something all athletes must deal with inevitably.

How can we use the experience achieved by an athlete through the years? How can a former athlete manage his/her integration into the work International system? On March 15th sports champions, representatives of all institutions, sports federations and industry experts from various European countries will meet to discuss about this important issue which touches the lives of almost all athletes.

The conference, sponsored and organized by the Italian Canoe Kayak Federation in association with Forcoop Cora Venezia, under the European project Erasmus + Sport, will be also possible thanks to partnership of six International entities: Slovenia (EIM - Economic Institute Maribor; Športna zveza Maribor), Bulgaria (Bulgarian Federation Master), Poland (Towarzystwo Sportowe Iron Man) and Greece (Intermediakt).

In its opening the event will see Mr. Luciano Buonfiglio, President of the Italian Canoe Kayak Federation and Vice President of the Italian Olympic Committee, make his intervention to be followed by the participation of several testimonials of different Sports disciplines including world Canoe Polo champion Luca Bellini, national coach and former Olympic team member Domenico Antonio Cannone; Rugby National team member Mauro Bergamasco, Evgenia Radanova, Former Minister of Sports and Olympic champion in Bulgaria Short Track; Paweł Witkowski, head of the department of competitive sports and the Polish Minister of Sport and Tourism; Rossano Galtarossa, former athlete, multi Olympic Rowing medallist. The main theme will be divided into three sessions: Transition from sports to the labour market (10:20 to 11:00); What is a Dual Career? (11:30 to 12:15); Sports skills are useful in the world business? (12:15 to 13:00); ending with a meeting between the boys of High School Water Sports Sorrel and the actors of "Performando" group, which will perform a small show organized with the support of Rossano Galtarossa about the importance of doing sports “from the neck upwards”, to underline how crucial is to think about exit strategies and properly managing a change and the career after the sport career.


One of the three main challenges identified by the “EU Guidelines on Dual Careers of Athletes” is to support “the end” of a sporting career of an athlete, including even those who have left the sport earlier than planned. In order to avoid the situation in which a Sport and/or Elite talent is due to choose between education and sport or work and sport, it is important to find useful measures to promote the possibility of a new career after the sport season, protecting and taking care of the position of an athlete. The “aftermatch” approaches aims to achieve these goals by focusing on what skills, acquired during a sport career, can be transferred into the corporate world and eventually offer the athletes the opportunity to enhance his/her knowledge in and for a business company. The activation of cooperation between Sports National Federations and training centres allows to reach the main stakeholders which can contribute to the need of “doing more and better” on athletes' careers and to increase the awareness of the problem.

Aftermatch is a collaborative initiative in partnership with Erasmus + Sport to promote the integration into employment of former sports through the development of skills related to sports.


Ilaria Spagnuolo
Press Office & Digital Comunication FICK

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